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Research Staff

Dr. Keerthi Reddy 

Post Doc., Apr.2023 ~

Working on :

Numerical investigation on conjugate heat transfer

Contact : keerthireddy@unist.ac.kr

Graduate Students

정민섭 (Minsub Jeong) 

Integrated M.S. & Ph. D. Course, Sep.2022~

Working on :

Cryogenic pool and flow boiling
Thermal engineering, Two-phase flow and heat transfer

Contact : minsub0522@unist.ac.kr

김해찬 (Haechan Kim)

M.S. Course, Feb.2023~

Working on :

Cryogenic pool boiling

Contact : haechan0714@unist.ac.kr

강민 (Min Kang)

Integrated M.S. & Ph. D. Course, Feb.2024~

Working on :

Cryogenic subcooled system

Contact : min15984@unist.ac.kr

Undergraduate Students

이경원 (Kyungwon Lee)

Period : Dec.2022 ~ Present

Research topic :

Numerical simulation on fuel storage tank, Optimal design of heat exchanger

구희영 (Heeyeong Koo)

Period : Jul.2023 ~ Present

Research topic :

Two-phase heat transfer