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Working On

‘23.09-‘27.02  극저온 저장용기 냉각 효율 향상을 위한 멀티레벨 표면 향상 급속 냉각 기술 개발 (한국연구재단) : Development of fast chill-down technology with multi-level surface enhancement for high-efficiency cryogenic tank (NRF)

‘23.05-‘26.12  한국형발사체 고도화 사업 : 산화제 고밀도화 기술 (한국항공우주연구원) : Propellant Densification Technology (KARI)

‘22.11-‘28.10  초고열유속 냉각시스템 특화연구실 (국방기술진흥연구소) : Ultra-high-flux cooing system research laboratory (KRIT)

‘22.06-‘23.05  극저온 이송관 급속 냉각 기술 개발을 위한 기초 연구 (한국연구재단) : Fundamental study for development of fast chill-down technology for cryogenic transfer line (NRF)

‘22.03-‘25.02 극저온 이송관 냉각 특성에 관한 실험적 연구 (울산과학기술원) : Experimental study on cool-down characteristics of cryogenic transfer line (UNIST)

Work Experiences before UNIST

2021         Establishing a demonstration foundation of cryogenic insulation system for green ship (MOTIE)

2021         Development of 100kg/h, 90MPa cryogenic reciprocating pump for liquid hydrogen refueling stations (MOTIE)

2021         Development of the core equipment for liquid hydrogen supply systems (KIMM)

2021         Development of core machine technology for liquid air energy storage with large capacity (KIMM)

2020        Empirical study on ship of SOx scrubber to respond to global IMO regulations & establishment of a syst. to verify the qual. of marine fuel oil (MOF)

2020        Project on test-bed infrastructure for LNG bunkering system (MOTIE)

2020        The ultra clean machinery technologies of future electric generation or power systems against PM2.5 fine particles and greenhouse gases (KIMM)

2019-21    Development of high efficiency hydrogen liquefaction process technology (MOLIT)

2018-19    Project for planning on machinery technologies for greenhouse gas reduction under the Paris Agreement (KIMM)

2015-17    Heat transfer and flow characteristics of micro pulsating heat pipe (NRF)

2015         Study on space thermal-control system (ADD)

2013-14   Development of high-efficient accelerated cooling tech. for steel plates (KIMM)

2012-18   Development of flexible and thin superconductor (NRF)